Webviewer auto click button [I Pay you]

I want to know how to load the website Then auto click a button

Please help :pleading_face: tutorial .

click a button inside the webview.

Webviwer auto click button

I will pay if it is made*

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Do you want to click a button inside the webview / website?

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Yes.click a button inside the webview

I think it is not possible automatically by app. It is possible if that website clicks itself

But android studio possible

Kodular < Android Studio


That’s possible with javascript.


block code tell me poparley

No one here bot for you.
Is this is your website then you can do it with javascript
Else possible but it’s called web scrapping

Government web site. Plese tell me block code java script .I pay u

Don’t do that without consent of owner of website

U can make this in website using JavaScript or php code but i think it’s not possible in kodular app :sweat_smile:

Php is server side language.
And it’s possible but the website is not belongs to user so i can’t share

Sorry, It’s illegal. :slight_smile:

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Provide aia file only auto click



Auto click can be done in your app using Clock component but if you want to do it on a website, then you have to write a script. :+1:t2:

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you will have to add time (30 sec ) then auto click, as per Md Masud Rana want

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I think it’s possible with Kodular, send me a message and I will check this.

Maybe this will work for you :upside_down_face: