How do I make my news app exit normally

Please I need urgent help. After creating my app everything works well except that I see a white blank page when going back to exit the app and at that point the back button can’t still exit the blank page. I have search and still did not find an answer that works. Please help me guys.

Are using Webviewer ?

Yes please

I am trying to make an app for a blog website. and I will need full guide because I am very new to this. Thanks

I have used this before and it did not work

show us what have you tried

See what I am getting, please what more do I add?
Thank you

see what I did

this is wrong…

Have you done this

blocks - 2022-03-18T211801.275

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Please Explain, thanks

I did before still did not work

the logic is,
on back press

if the current url is home url
then call the notifer
else web viewer to go back


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Please can you show an image thanks for the support.

Should I add it as a separate block beside the one i did?


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Thank you very much it worked now

For those that need same help, just follow this pattern it will work.

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