How do i track the screen time or the usage details of the android device

I want to make an app that tracks the screen usage of the user, the time spent on each apps in the device and data related to it. Is there a way i can do this with the help of a component or an extension?

Thank you in advance!

Its not possible to make this app in kodular. But the idea is good. Use android studio or flutter to develope

use clock component with firesbase and try some logics to make it

Not possible.

He is asking for collection of app usage duration from other apps, for this app need to be run in background.


but he can do one thing when the user open app he can take date and time every time when user open the app

I think you didn’t understand.

He want to track other apps usage duration like whatsapp, Facebook etc. Not his app.

If a user open Whatsapp then how will you detect that WhatsApp is running and for how much duration it has been used?

I know that, we can track usage duration for our own app, but not possible for other apps.


i can use the background extension thats just been released by Atom_Developer

May be it work, you can ask him and confirm.

So this feature is already there …

ik the feature or similar apps are already exist but i’m planning to so something different, but the basic foundation of the app requires me to calculate the screen time so thats why i need it.

Ok i got it…

That is for Android 9 Pie only, no prior version of Android before Pie had this feature which means that those users had to use third party apps until they updated to Android 9 Pie.

I wanted to do something different and not just track screen time.
There’s this app sweatcoin which awards users when they walk. So i wanted to do imply the same idea but the difference would be the less screen time you have the more you earn kind of a thing.