Is it possible to make an incremental timer

Is it possible to make an incremental timer that works when a certain screen is opened and stops and keeps the value when leaving the screen and returns from that value when the screen is opened again and get a reward (+100 scan points) when completing a certain period of time from that screen and after that period the timer returns from Zero.
The timer must be protected from accelerating or changing the time of the phone so that it does not take place

Easy only… but I am not understand your post clearly but you can achieve this with the help of clock timer + tinydb combo

But why you want to continuously monitor/Log the time period/interval? Are you making any Ads related app?

No. I just want to learn application programming, this question came to my mind and I asked it.

If you have just started learning Kodular, then there is much more to explore and begin from, rather than directly asking a question related to monitoring time period for particular screen.


Btw, @wael_khalfi I may not be knowing the answer for your query (monitoring time period) and not even interested, but I definitely know that if you are trying to make any Ads app then Google will certainly monitor your developer account for time period and when that timer would go ZERO then…best of luck with your Developer account and may be with your Kodular account too


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