How do you create "Forgot Password"?

Hello I am using @deephost 's Extension for mySql database. I couldn’t figure out how to use it for Forgot Password feature. If anyone could help me out maybe? With example maybe or anyhow you want :smiley: .

Would you like to send blocks available in deephost extension? because we don’t know everything about every extension.



have you tried update block from his extension?

Sorry I forgot to mention that I wanted to know about mail verification or something like that. I can do the update part but how can I add relation with update component or something for the part.

there are lots of post in community for email verification.
You must search there first.

no no, not email verification. Email verification for password reset.

I think you are looking for something like this:

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Means you want to know how to use update block of deephost extension…is it?

I want to know how to use otp as verification after verfivation he can change password. without verification how can someone reset forgotten password.

Let me check it out <3

Thank you for the help.