How get Airtable last data on top

I am working on a project where i want to call data from airtable.
but requirement is , i want to show airtable data from botton to top in app listview.
how i do?:blush:

You can use Listutils extension.
com.appybuilder.ListUtils.aix (7.7 KB)
Otherwise you can also use reverse list component from list category.

any block how to use or aia?
if then please provide :blush:

You can use reverse list block available on lists blocks

any screenshot or aia?

Why do you need a screenshot or aia, just do it yourself and see what happens



I wonder why people always ask for aia files or sometimes screenshot.
Have you confidence on your work?

lol… Have you ever listen about self satisfaction?:rofl:

Nice joke:joy:
I believe on my work instead of focusing on others work and feel jealous.
Yes I download others aia files but only for learning purpose.

same here dude… for knowledge :rofl::rofl:

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