How i add refresh button on app

How I’ll add refresh button on my app ill used gridcardview extension how i add refresh button

Share some more info… What do you want to refresh??
The best and not recommended way is Re initialise screen​:joy:

How to do that? i am unable to find that option in block

The page on which currently i am

Search the forum. This question has been asked and answered.

What is on that page?
Screenshot of components you used and blocks should be posted to get the solution

Add a refresh icon on title menu and arrange the block such that when refresh button is clicked reload the screen or insert other values.

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The easiest solution I found for that was to put a button that with the click would send me to a blank screen and on that blank screen I put it that when it initialized it would send me back to the screen that was, I don’t know if it works for you, but to me yes bye

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