How to do refresh layout like google chrome

how to do refresh layout like google chrome

when I swip down in my app I can’t go up beacuse refresh .
it refresh Immediately

please, any help

Use swipe refresh layout to reload

When I pull down and go back up, it refresh

I can’t understand you :sweat_smile:

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When I pull down and go back up, it refresh

Use custom webview by @vknow360 and if scroll y is smaller 5 then enabled the swipe refresh else disable it. I also faced the issue and I found this solution :grin:


I will try& back.

can you show that blocks to do that please

how can I add that web view to my app ( I know how to add extention I ask for add url in it ) can you show block to do that ,please.

Use this method to create webview and then use thisimage to set url.

are you say I create a normal web view and add this method
and how I add refresh

No, Just take a arrangement and this extension and do the above method.

can you show me blocks

I do that but it didn’t work

FIrst create webview and then set webview!

can you make blocks for it
it didn’t take 3 minutes

I do that it work
now how can I do refresh

I will post blocks tommorow.

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I want to add url in it and want to do refresh like google chrome
thank you very very very much.
do it I will add you :white_check_mark:

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