CustomWebView how refresh web app?

I would love a guide on how to refresh my site in the app with this extension?


maybe this block?

No, the app crashes for me if I use it
… in photography this is exactly how it collapsed for me, I would be happy for help on how to solve it

Where did you create WebView and set that to active?
Read this guide to know how to use the extension:

I saw this guide just did not understand what I need to do to refresh the page by sliding down.


I did exactly how it’s written and I did not succeed …more problem …when I load the page with this solution there is a mark of plus and minus below …how do I cancel it that will not be displayed?

Set DsplayZoom to false

Post a screenshot again of your blocks. What have you changed in order to work ?

And your designer part ?

I would love instructions on what to do, I’m currently out for a trip so I’ll get back to the computer in a few hours and update you

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It still has not worked for me

Try this

refresh_webview.aia (77.0 KB)

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Succeeded. Thank you so much for all your help

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