You can use airtable rest API method to filer anything from airtable also you can use maxRecords option to get values

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Thanks for your answer, but what I don’t know how to do is download the following 5 records (for example) using API Method. That is, set offset to 5 using API method.

Thank you.

if you have multiple column and want to get only selected five column, then use this formular[]=YOURFIELDNAME1&fields[]=YOURFIELDNAME2

Replace all the caps with your values

if you want only certain amount of records then use &maxRecords=REQUIREDNUMBER at the end of the formula

I can’t explain it properly. When I download the tables from Airtable, I can only download 100 rows. (pagesize=100), and what I need is to know how I download the next 100 rows.

Thanks for your time!!

Why you use 100 only there , use the full length else use a clock component. For every tick set the app to download the total rows one part by part

Using Airtable API method, only is possible to download 100 rows each call. What I need to know, is how I can to set OFFSET to the next 100 rows

This is to minimize APP delay when the APP loading the items for sale from Airtable

Now i understand you… nd you have to use loop using procedure .
When web got text first try to get the key value of offset, if it shows value then print the result in an variable again call the web url just by adding the above said keyvalue… so it will continue untill it gets keyvalue


See how I retrieved my 150 amount of data in two steps using offset method

Blocks Used



Here Button click can be used in screen initialize

Pls test it, it worked

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I appreciate it, I’ll try this first, I almost got it:sweat_smile:


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By this way you can use filter or sort or get all data from airtable using Offset function (100 by 100) but remember you should use add items to the list for every colu… then only you will get proper result. If your row values exceeds more than 500 then you use/start any notifier when the first web url getting triggered.

When web got text i have used a one if then condition where you must add else condition there you dismiss block of notifier . Since I am getting only 150 items before the notifier getting triggered app will show the data’s so I skipped it

In this formula i have used sorting of every field by ascending method

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I really appreciate your help @Still-learning !!

Sorry for not having answered before with my experience with your blocks. It has been impossible for me to do it now. But when I do, I’ll post it. I will use in the next update of my app.

Thank you!!

In such case you can mail me your demo app to fix such an issue.

Create temporary new project, add data’s, add the blocks that you have tried and send it here or in pm

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I appreciate it, but it’s important for me to learn how to do it.
Thanks for your help.

Check the logic…

On button click web url calls the api first. In the url end i have add & offset= it won’t affect… when web url got text, first the obtained response content were parse the json and add the items into required global variable and checks whether the obtained json contain the key value of offset or not. If it there then again web url called and at the end the key value of offset is added so that next 100 items were download. This loop continued till the value of the key offset is empty string…

That’s all the logic man

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Yes, this is what I needed to know!!

I’m stealing hours a day to do it :sweat:. Thanks again!

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Actually the obtained result will have the offset key value only if the result is more than 100 items else it will not have

So the loop(calling the web url with offset key) will run only if the offset key value is not null else loop will break. So if you set any spinning block to run then set it to dismiss only in the else condition of the logic added into web got text. That’s all you need to do

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HI!!! as you said, your method works perfectly!!! :smiley: It’s so easy!!! (when help is received :laughing:).

Thank you very much!!

In the video you can see how i load list 3 by 3 , but I can select the number of records to download that is whishes.

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Yes it is your choice. You can retrieve number of records less than 100 at a time also you can get by sorting method, alphabetically asc or dec order too using api method .

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And in closing, and trying to help others with the same problem as me, here is the block that I used and it works. I hope I explain it enough.

I used API ENCODER to check the code.

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