How is Disable copy on text box?

I want user can not paste on my text box how do that block

can not paste or can not write??

for write u can set the read only property of textbox to true so anybody cant edit it

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You Can’t Do It Automatically But You Can Manually Using A Logic

When Textbox1 Text Change Do 
If textbox1.text = getClipbordText ;
Set text1.text = "";
Show Error You Cant Past Any things
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Can you show block i dont understand getclipboradtext

I mean if user write by keyboard its oke but if paste to textbox i dont want it

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What is the name that extension?

Extension Name Is TaifunClipbord By @Taifun

Ps: In Then Section You Have To Set Textbox1.text = ""


Extension’s name is in the blocks.
Search for other Extensions here in the community and do this search on extension names


Oke thank rios

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meanwhile Kodular does have its own methods for the clipboard…


Does It’s Not Need Any Extra Permissions ?

Is can use hide notif paste text box?

Code Will Be Same Just You Can Performs Your Action In Then Section

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I try use extension but always close when compile

there are built in methods available as alredy mentioned… and you should use these…
and btw. what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?

When long click on text box then copy paste not come just it i want try but dont know what component to hide that

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You can use the extension Component to Image

After user complete the text box created a image of these text box and show the image. The user can’t copy the text into the image file.

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