How is this UI for a news app?

The above part displays the main photos for trending news in a slideshow.
for time being i have used random photos i could find.

Ignore the editor part and the time.

also added this cool scrolling effect

Try using small fonts and decrease the card view height. Otherwise, it is a good UI. :+1:t2: :sweat_smile:


I liked the UI; But I also agree with @golumaths100 to decrease a font.


I liked your UI
As mencioned above, use small fonts and i suggest you to use a auto slider for the “smooth” image changing in the top.


Thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely make the changes.

Set the card elevation to 0, increase padding to a comfortable number, and listen to the other recommendations!


i want some sort of a barrier in between the cards so elevation is 1 for the faint line between each news card

I want to do something like this. Help me?

Yeah sure.
PM me

I have only one suggestion:
The text on the left side could be vertical aligned as center. This way when there is only a few words in the title there won’t be a long empty space between the title and the editor name and photo.

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