How kodular determines when to show an Ad?

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So I just got a question in my mind. How Kodular determines when to show a commissioned ad?

Please see this

Thank you very much @vishwas for the quick reply. But it’s still not clear to me. Can you please elaborate the quoted points? I mean as it works depending on random decimal >0.1 & <0.1 so how much chances are there to load the same number repeatedly (<0.1)?

0.1 is just a placeholder used in that post. In your production app, we take the commission percent (say, 12%) and convert it to a decimal (0.12).

Whenever you load your ad, we pick a random number, and if it’s less than 0.12 (in this example), then we show ads with our unit ID.

That’s what the commission percentage is for. If you load an infinite number of ads, you can expect exactly 12% (in this example) of all ads to be ours.


Got it. Thank you for the reply. :ok_hand:

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