How Kodular Stores Information In Block Images

When the block is downloaded as PNG image from block editor, It stores some information to decode when it is dragged to block editor back.
My question is how it stores information in PNG image?
Can I extract that information (probably XML file) from PNG image by using any tool?


An xml file is added to image

This page says

Blocks images created in this way contain additional metadata in the image that stores the block code in a machine readable format.

How can I extract that XML file from image
Can you suggest me a tool for that
I searched for online metadata extractors but it did not help

Haven’t search it but what are you trying to achieve by that ?

The guide lists some programs you can use to extract the XML. If you’re on Windows, notepad should work fine

Should I convert .png to .txt?

Keep the discussion here instead of going to another topic. Why not try if it works.


I didn’t understand what @Vishwas said
there is no list of programs where i can extract XML file from PNG file
there is a list of image/other Sharing Platforms

Right click your png > open with > Notepad
Change .png to .txt and open


Thanks it worked
I can find <xml…/xml> in .txt file


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