How larger file we can create in kodular means app size

How larger file we can create in kodular means app size

You can create apps up to 20 MB when built. (But when you install it, it can be 60+ MB)

Ohh why it will become larger wen user install it

I think because Android needs to extract the .apk file so the file size will be larger

Ohh if we want to creat 20+ mb app how to creat

You can also download the assets for example images after the user install the app.
So I think there isn‘t a limitation, only the 20mb in the Creator


Don’t use so many and large assets (images, music, etc.)
Also, here’s a great post from @Taifun:

Tq so much

Actually I believe it’s because it’s doesn’t use all libraries in your app and their currently inactive, so when you install them, it only unpack-ages what the app needs to use (APK Bundling)

Is there any extension to call fire base files

OK, if the app already has the Firebase Component in it, then it’ll use it. Understood? Any component that requires an Android Library that’s mixed with some of the useless ones, it’ll use. For example:

By default every Android APK Libarary is packed into that .APK file. But none of those libraries are being used currently because they have to be unpackaged. When they’re unpackaged Android looks to see which components will need some of those Libraries. So then it’ll remove those excess ones that can’t be and won’t be used. Don’t read this if it’s gonna cause you to be confussled.

Can u plz explain me how to make a dynamic app

Use Dynamic components or if your talking Web talk, then Webviewer with your own Website or if you wanna make your life difficult like people do, then create your own Webpage and upload it to the assets area, then search the Community because I don’t give things to people if they do the right thing or even the bad because they need to learn.

Actually I created a app for education perpose so I need firebase can u pls help me regarding call files from firebase

Search the Community.

I give aia in your last question check the aia