Kodular app size?

i create an app with appinventor, its size: 3.4mb
the same app in kodular have a size of: 5.5mb
with the new update the size increased to: 5.78mb, why?

A simple app with just a button on the screen
Appinventor , size: 3.28 MB
Kodular , size: 5.23 MB

All apps have the same libraries to work. For example, if you don’t use some component, the library that is necessary to work, it compiles with your APK
Basically, Kodular has a lot more components that AI2
And on this update, Kodular has implemented one new component and some tools

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So no chance to reduce the size, with new components in future the size will always increased

Not necessary. Maybe Kodular compress and reduce the size on later versions
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That’s incorrect. Libraries are only added when needed by a component.

For example, the AdMob libraries are only added if you use the AdMob component. If you don’t use the component, the libraries aren’t added.

So, why the size has increased?

It’s difficult to know the exact reason but it’s likely that app sizes will continue to grow with each Kodular update.

There are some “core” libraries that are always added to an app because they can’t work without them (such as Android Support libraries) and every update of these libraries will increase the size slightly.


That is that we said :sweat_smile:

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