Size of an Empty App

I have created a project with very fewer images, components, and blocks with just 3 screens. All images are hosted in the Cloud. To see the file size when downloaded I found that the file size is 7MB+. It cracked my head. How it is possible?

I Had A Doubt So I Created A Blank Projected WITHOUT Any Blocks, Images, And Components With 1 Screen I Downloaded The APK I Fused My Head. OMG! The File Size Is 4.13MB.

It seems there’s a bug in Kodular. Could you please check it at the earliest?

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mytest.aia(970 Bytes)

mytest.apk (4.1 MB)

It wasn’t by mistake that I changed the topic title​:slightly_smiling_face:


It is normal because when you compile the app, all libraries (such as AdMob SDK, etc, even you don’t use them) needs to be added to your app to provide drag/drop component experience. This is related to App Inventor structure. And since Kodular is an App Inventor distribution like others, it is based on AI structure.

So it is not a Kodular bug.


Valid answer and there is nothing else to say


How to contact App Inventor team to ask them question about it.

I think the best way to do that is via their forums

Actually, that’s not quite right. Libraries are only added when a component requires them. For example, if you compile an app with no components, AdMob libraries won’t be added - they’re only added if you use the AdMob components.

You can test this by creating a blank project and exporting it, then checking the size. Then add an AdMob component and export it - you’ll notice that the app with AdMob is bigger.


I uploaded my app to Google Play, then I checked “Ths app doesn’t contain any ads” in the dashboard, then Google Play Console gave a warning something like that;
“Are you sure that this app doesn’t contain any ads because this app contains AdMob SDK.”

We found SDK ads in your app. We found some SDK for in one or more active APK
– Version: X, SDK: AdMob
If your app running ads, change its statement on “Yes”. Failure to complete the statement of the presence of ads is considered a violation of the rules and may result in the removal of the app from Google Play. To learn more, visit our Help Center."

So I experienced that even you don’t add AdMob components, at least one library/line of code related to AdMob is adding to the app.


I’m not much for ads, but looking before and after adding admob the ads library is not there before

However, there are bunch of code line or files that contains the word admob and all of the other components as well that you have in the palette

So probably if google searches your apk and finds the word admob, then there you go

P.S. The more requests are made for new components the bigger the apk will be


  1. Whats the reason for this
  2. Where did you get the information from?

It can clearly be viewed in the decompiled apk



Hm, okay. I will try to experiment by myself with apktool to understand how it works :slight_smile:


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