App size increased after update


I was updating one of the old apps and found that the app size is increased by ~4MB without adding any extra components or assets or blocks.

Why is it so?


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yes, same :cry: :cry:

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without any extra componnats :sleepy:

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Yes. Without adding anything extra.

Yes, I also noticed that.

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Yes… I am also notice that. :face_with_head_bandage:

@KodularCreator Next Update plase Fix this problem… And do something so that the app will be at least Mb :slightly_smiling_face:

Can anyone of you send an APK of before and after the update? This will help us in inspecting what caused the bump in size.

Obviously due to updated SDK and Libraries.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any previous app APK file.

For me, the APK is even smaller.


May be you are not using any monetization components.

One Admob banner increased the size of the app by 4MB. Before the update, It was ~1MB.