Kodular Application Size ( Issue )

Hello… All respect kodular Creators :pray::pray:

There is a problem in Kodular … :point_down::point_down:

When we create a blank project, the size of that project is at least 7 mb, but that’s fine. And if we put some images in this project asset, the size of the project increases.

If at least 5-6 images are in the asset, then the size of the project goes up to 8-9 mb. And the more we use the component, the larger the size of the project …

But if we remove some image from this project asset or remove some component, then the size of this project does not decrease but increases …

Is there a way out? And how can i create least size of projects?

why not add materials icon instead of searching icons on icons8 download and keep it

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NOTE: 7mb is the minimun size of a Kodular Eagle app


ok see what boban mentioned

keep everything according to 32 mb.i wont crash

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I don’t have this problem …

I had earlier stored 10-11 images in assets in one app, then the size of that app went up to 10 mb.

but when I removed all the images from that app, but the size of the app did not decrease but increased the size to some extent.


ok then copy screen create new project and then paste their

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Can give me the aia file



The images were slightly compressed (→ 10385 KB):


See also here:


Did you remove all images in asset?

@Krithik_Kumar yes…

And now I’m using material icons…

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@bodymindpower thanks for the guidance…

u can see for material icon guides.
well mine or other also u can check

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@Ekansh_Pandit, I was wrong.

An empty project might be 9mb size, but a light project uses even less mb. I have a Kodular made APK with the size of 5megabytes

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