App Size Problem

I dont know why but Kodular app sizes are bigger than it should be…
i have only one screen in my app and the size of my all assests are only 702 kb but when i m exporting my app then kodular builds it in 7.5 mb
Please help me to decrease my app size.

I have only one screen

Total assets of my app 702kb

The invisible components i have used

Even i dont have lots of block too

And my app size is 7.5mb :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

Please Help Me

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I apologize for the unhelpful response provided by @OfficialDjJohn Clearly there was an error in the link he pasted.

Certain components are going to increase the file size.

A typical app will be at least 5 megs because of so much constructor code required as part of the base system.

An AIA size and APK size are not the same. What you have showed Open_Link may add a bit of girth to your apk size.

Out of curiosity, take a checkpoint of your app, and then delete open_link and export the APK to see.

Good luck.


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