Can We Create Low Size Apps?

Why the size of apps is so big in kodular .If we export a blank App it also sizes 4 - 4.5 MB :frowning:
how can we make a low size 1mb-2mb apps in kodular. :wink:
Is it possible? If not then why? :confused:

Itโ€™s because Kodular Integrates Crashylitics, Analytics and some other tools to our apps so itโ€™s already 4 - 4.5 MB


Actually it is everything, your app consists of two apps, core code that controls your block code

So if you are going to make more inquiries on features, then you can expect that your app will be bigger



Iโ€™m just curious why some people are worried about a couple of Megabytes.
20 years ago I would have been worried but not nowโ€ฆ


Why Do they do it ?

Is there a way to delete crashlytic (Fabric) if i decompile the apk?

You can not decompile it right now - you will se something encrypted thingโ€ฆ

Iโ€™m not worried about Megabytes but users worry :wink:

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