Regarding Privacy Policy

Few days ago I was reading about app size in Kodular why even an empty app is 4 mb something then there are answers suggesting that it’s because Kodular uses analytics and other things in app which makes it around 4 mb even if it’s empty , so I just want to ask what are things added by Kodular in app like analytics etc and if it contains google analytics or anything else that I should mention in privacy policy .

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We only use crashlytics from

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and only that makes an empty app around 4mb

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No. The reason for that is that we use the newest librarys which are possible for our builder.
Other builders use old libs where the size is smaller.
Thats the reason

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That should not be optional?

Or at least that the reports also reach the developers of the apps :thinking:


We would like to have stats of like how many apps run on X Kodular Version, Android Versions, Device Brands, etc.

And no, developers should not have access. Because the kind of bug reports are related to our sources code, and it won’t help them
We don’t get errors of wrong joined blocks, we get issues regarding our Java code
And if we add them optionally, we won’t get so many reports to fix bugs

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I can not understand (context error when translating)

I’ll write in Spanish the translational, but just as an exception

Nos gusta tener estadísticas de cuantas apps están siendo usadas con cada versión de Kodular, las versiones de Android, los modelos de móviles más usados, etc., para poder analizar cuales son las tendencias

Y los desarrolladores no deberían tener acceso a ese panel, ya que los registros de errores que contiene son de código Java, de nuestros componentes, y no de fallos en la unión de los bloques
En resumen, que esa información sólo nos es útil a nosotros

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Oh, now I understood perfect

But can I suggest something?
Maybe you should place an option to change the language of the send report dialog, my applications for example are all in Spanish

and just curious to know what if someone decompiled their app can he remove fabric crashlytics and other things he wants to that kodular add to an app :sunglasses: