Policy Term of Use

Hello guys, i write now my term of use an so on, I read that Kodular uses Crashlytics or so for our apps that we created. I read that i or we have to write that in our terms of use too. What i know is that i have to show the user all things which the app collects and what will happen with the collected user data.
Is that true that i have to write crashlytics or how it calls inro the policy (term of use), or is that not a have to.

It wourld be nice to know that and i think that is useful for all other users too which upload their app to Google Play Store.


I don’t know the answer to your question, but this may help you :


use fabric

thanks i know that page, its a simple policy, you need to implement a few things if you built your app on EU like me in Austria.

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I didn’t know that ! What we need to implement in EU ? I’m in France, and i’ve just used this site for my privacy policy and therms and conditions

You have to give the user the possibility to download all the data what you collceted from him and a few other stuff. The new GPDR or how it called correct is a great sh… if i can say this. Look at Admob, you have to ask the user if he will see privatge ads and give him the possibility to delete his adid account to start from scrach. And much much more.
Be caeful with userdata and safe them in a safe way, if you loose the data and a user know this it can costs you much money if you have no luck.

Its not like in past where you make a app in 2 min and upload it and thats it. Now you have to be conform with a lot of things.

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