How to reduce apk size?

when I build an app with minimum information, It took 4.5mb size to build. I never found any app size less then it.

Either I put any information or not, at least it took 4.5mb. Why this is happened? Where We see 1.5mb-3mb is enough to build an app with complete data.

Pls help me …

There are a few reasons why the APK from an AI block app is larger.

Look at what is in an AIA that then gets compiled to an apk

The compiled code is not java, so there is some moderate overhead.


I think, so many xml files got compiled those have no use really.

Correct, with most IDE you have a base framework, that includes elements that may not be required, however are part of the foundation.


Maybe you can decompile the apk and make some changes, however, it is not recommended, you may break things. I never done it before, but I will surely have a look on it someday.