How long In-app Update will propagate and activate all my users who have the old version

Sorry guys I did searched before creating this topic and found this

But I am not a new for this method I have been using it to all my apps but I wonder only this month I tried to update my app but nothings works!

I have asked my friends who have the old version if they get the alert for In-App Update they say NO and I too do have the same old version but I wonder why I can’t receive the alert for In-App Update it has been almost 5 days now since my app was updated in playstore

So, that is why I am trying to ask How long should this component take to propagate from play-store and make an alert to all my users to update the old version into a new version

Please koders I need a valid method that can work perfect and I will apreciate :ok_hand:

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