How to add app update notification?


I have made an high quality apps and i will publish this apps in google play store soon.
So finally i.m facing an problem about update version.

Example: when i publish my apps in play store and when later again i will publish the update version of this apps then i want to crate a system when user will try to open apps then will be showin an notification, please update your apps. and user can not use the apps if user do not update apps update version from play store.


when i will publish update version in play store than apps will automatically updated from play store.

Please help me with the best suggestion.

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Look at this please

But if there have any tutorial about firebase blocking system as per above block so kindly share.

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On the If block under After Choosing add an else and put nothing there

I think This may Help you And Please don’t forget to like this post if it helps you
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I created block as per below,

and when i changed version code of my apps from firebase then showing below notification as well.

but when i click in update button then not going play store just showing an error as like bellow.

what is the wrong with this

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see here how a correct Data URI looks like
How to launch Google Play from within your app

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I have also same problem, i am already try this. But did not work

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Kindly Show your blocks, so that we can help you :relaxed:

same Image on the top. ed73c02f88c0a661c82c3786dca60b8d98006dad_2_690x350

Check your data URI i think it doesn’t have https :thinking:

Try this one:

You are using it in a wrong way let me show you. Actually I’m using airtable but you can use firebase to.

Hey Guys , I notice here Update notification work properly. But Update link work on only any button and not work in Notifier Button.

Check This Apk- UPDATE_MSG (4).apk (5.0 MB)

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One thing users love, is when you force updates on them without any option to opt out or warning :joy: especially me :slight_smile:, but seriously though what is wrong with certain apps doing that, I don’t want the new UI refresh if I haven’t even got news about it.

Pertaining to the actually topic, you can do this by checking if an update is available using the In-App Update component.