Update when its available (Firebase connected)

Hi all,

Thanks for great job here. I learned a lot of things.

I checked here and looked at some external sources but couldn’t find a decent solution to my problem. Hope someone can help. I tried to used “UpdateMyApp” extension but quit on first try (I use to work with Firebase, so I wanted to use it for update scenario as well).

I want my app to notify users that an update available on Google Play. I could manage to compare version code at the beginning with Firebase and it does notify. So far so good. But when I hit update button (which leads to the page of my app on google play store), “Open with” suggestions are all irrelevant -such as Google Assistant, Maps, Call details, Adobe Scan, Outlook, Call Settings, Prime Videos etc). So i cannot open on neither browser nor play store. Is there a way to get over this annoying problem please?

Thanks in advance.


Your last block was wrong. It should be

  1. action = android.intent.action.VIEW
  2. Data uri = your url
  3. start activity

Hi Avijit,

Thanks for your help. It shouldn’t have been that easy :slight_smile:

Great job

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