How proper use the list view image and text option

helo dears
i just use the custom list view image and text option i n my application
i just want to know that,
when i click on single option of list then how i can open another window by clicking the every single click of the all list componants
kindly tell me
i just made a list and i want to open different options in every single click of the all list titles
how can i do…

At first save all the three elemts title subtitle and image in a global variable as shown bellow:

Now once you done it ( I show one of my app example published on playstore). Use when screen initialize and then add this block to it as shown bellow:-

here since i have used example from one of my app use the global variable name that you set instead of “global chapter”. Hope that will help!

And to open different option on click use use image and text when clicked option / block.