Select images using list view with image and text


do anyone tell me , can i do following thing (text on image- as customized location), using list view with image and text or any image extension??

you need an arragement and out in the background the picture and you put in some labels and put in the text. set the arragement to iscard and you are finish

Is not possible with Listview with image and text?? my images are stored in a folder and number of images either 50 or more.
can i set images as background and label this way??, i think NO.
What you say??

you can each picture use as an background. But why not try it.

its simple take horizontal layout and set background to image which u want and set clickable and if u want text on it, do it with label

You Can Use @Andres_Cotes Custom List view For That :wink:
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i don’t use because, it’s not fixed number of images.
can i use listview with image and text??

@Androking this custom list view shows images as icon . right??

hmm i Dont Have That I Think You Should Ask @Andres_Cotes :wink:

You can try this:

You have to create a list with some items like here:

And replace the buttons with the list items.