How resolve sqlite field contained in one Index

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currently i’m working on a project home to control the items in the store and in this application i use sqlite as storage, lapse of time running i found a bug of kind in sqlite, when i retrieve data there are fields that are joined in one index.

For Example :




when i select index 7, Tags field and tglHari field contained.

this’s a result when i select index number 7 :

strong text

I think we are unable to understand your query. You are getting wrong value in index 7 or correct value ??

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I got the worng value.

underline in the picture is the 7th index value which displays two data at once.

this is a schema table.

this’s a query.

this’s a result when my app runing.

How does your select statement look like?
What do you get if you send the following statement to the database?

SELECT Tags FROM database_01
WHERE idBarcode= 123456789

How do you insert the data into the table?


SQLite works with SQL commands.
Then you will have to use the Component Sqlite blocks and execute the Select command as Taifun mentioned.

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thank you!

this’s my blcok code. my app resolved.

Please post the solution (which you got here in the community) as your solution will help others.