How To Access Version Code On Screen 2?

then why its pop up notifier, version code and firebase value is same

Are you sure that you stored Version code in a Tag, not in Value?

yes , im sure

You can’t change Tag over the time. So, consider storing the Version code in Value.

I’m not understanding how is it possible! Look at his blocks. Same “tag” has name “Version” and same “tag” is “VersionCode”

i tried both but not working , i don’t know why but always when screen start after few sec that notifier popup

The block you posted would not work… Use this:-

You were calling only Tag on your block! :roll_eyes: and, not comparing the value.


i changed but same results

Because Version Code must be a number (i.e: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.)

yes i know my app version code is 4
and tag value is also 4

Check if your Firebase implementation is correct.

yes i checked many times no problem in firebase Now Im Trying Same thing with Screen 1 Maybe Some Problem With Screen 2

  1. Post a snapshot of your firebase Tag and Value…
  2. Post a snapshot of block when you’re calling Tag from firebase.

Guys Problem Fixed, Maybe Bug In Live Testing I Manually Installed Apk File And Checked This Its Working Fine But When I Rechecked Same App Through USB Test I Faced Same Problem So Its Conform Something Wrong With USB Testing But Anyway Thanks For Helping Me


Not a bug, when you test live with companion then you get companion’s version code


You are right am currently facing same problem

Try this one:

But first check what Mr Boban said.

oh that why version code not matching with firebase , thanks for helping


You can always use Do It, to check or debug your code when you live test

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