Add (auto) update system in app!

I recently saw a lot of posts about ’ how to update app automatically ’ or ’ best method to show new update '.
So I think to create a Guide on this.I do no know whether it is useful or not but I think it is good to share some knowledge.
You will need some components before getting started.I have used:

  • Button
  • Label
  • Notifier
  • Custom Tab
  • Package
  • Firebase Database

Note:- You can also make your app without some of these components but then you have to use your own logic.
How it looks from designer

Now move to blocks.
When screen initializes I have set current version to app’s version.
Now when check for update button is clicked it checks for a new app version in Firebase Database.
When Firebase Database got value it compares value to version.If value is greater than app version than it will show a choose dialog else it will show an alert.

After choosing an option it will check if user clicked on update or cancel.If user clicked on update than it will open the set URL else it will show dialog again and again until user clicks Update.

Also if Firebase Data is updated it will also check that app’s new version is available or not.

Here is AIA file download link:

Note:- I want to say something before you download aia and start work.
1.Download link is not direct download link.I have used an url shortener.
2.Blocks can be different from shown in screenshots.

Also I want to say thank you to @mahando754 for pointing out that download link is not working.
Hope this helps!:grinning:


I tried his way a while ago

But I am writing the version as text

Check it out from firebase

Keep up the wonderful work