How To Activate Function When The Phone Being Used

I Want To DO In My App That When The User Moving Or Using The Phone
Regardless If My App Is Open Or Not It Will Do A Function On My App
Like Set Timer Count Or Send Notification

Any Help Would Much Appreciated

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Not possible yet with kodular when the app is not running.

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Thanks For Answering
Cound Extension Being Develop Theoretically
Or The Kodular Platform Cannot Handle That
Or Could I Make The App To Always Run. like make the app never closed

Read here
I don’t think that there is an extension for this purpose. They have to implement the background services to MIT App Inventor first.

Paying For Extension Is Possibility?
And What With Keep The App Always Open?

I think is not possible yet with an extension but you can ask someone if he can make it.
Keeping the app open is an option but you will have big battery consumption. Also the user may force close the app.

Ya The App For Me SO I Will Not Do It
How Can I Keep The App Open
And I Consider If Someone can make it for me :wink:

use the KeepScreenOn property of the Screen drawer

not possible, sorry

Thanks For Answering
I’m Meant In Keeping The App Open is to being able to get function runs also if i swipe the app left on the opens apps menu

and if it’s not possible, making that i can’t close it or it immediately Reopen