How to add a list item in tiny DB and show in a list view

I want to save a list item in a tiny DB and add the 4 to 6 item list I receive.

I receive a random item list of items (it can be 2 or 4 or 5 items) from the MySQL database.
How can I save the item in tinydb, becouse i am going to delete the list item from Mysql data base. and recall the new item and add the list item with the previous list item store at tiny db…

can any one show me the block code for this…

I try this


This work good with a single item but dont work with a list item.

First create your list with required list items and store in a global variable then store this global variable data in tiny db.

You can reuse it later as per requirement.

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You can try something like this. (i have directly used the get value block and the valueIfTagNotThere, you can change it to suit your needs)

But i don’t want single item , i want to add multi item, and this system dont work with multi item

That’s pretty simple -
Try these steps


Drag the item block into the list. You will get another socket to add a second item.


Now these are multiple items added at once.

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but if i want to add a list then

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this will not work if i show it in a list view , it don’t add new item , i have try it

Please send screenshots of what you have tried and give a detail description of problem

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Length of the list is 8
as u said
but it show 2 list

so we will have to use
this block , its not working

You can have a look at this -

There are two ways to do what you have mentioned -


The problem is not with the list and list view, i want to store the data in tinydb and the new item should be store
list length should be increasing

You are not telling you problem straight!
I have a few questions, please answer them -

  • Will you add items to the tinyDB list via user input?
  • Do you want to have items associated with another item (like Rahul and 600)
  • If yes, should that also be done via user input?
  • Is there anything else that you would like to do with the list?

i am using mysql data i will recive one row
5 item of row / some time 2 to 4 row of list item

then i will store it in tiny db and show it in a list then… i will delete the item from mysql

after that … i will again recive new data from mysql data base.

then i will store it in tiny db and show it in a list then… i will delete the item from mysql

it will repet… and store all data in Tyny db


Somethign similar to what I have already posted

if i have a list from make ( item : rohan, rahul , sumair) a list save in tiny db then, if i load it again then the length of the list should be 6 right but its not working

If you have ‘x’ items in your list, stored in TinyDB, kill the app and then come back again, that list will still have ‘x’ items in it only. Why should it become 2x?(Unless you are adding x items again to it)

ok i will send you the aia …
I change the item but still it replace the item
it get replace

storeindb.aia (52.6 KB)

I hope you can solve it

I don’t know how does ColinTreeListView work, but there were some errors i solved. Hope the ColinTreeListView part is all correct!

storeindb(1).aia (52.3 KB)

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