Need help for tiny db number of items

hello, i am using tiny db in my app to save values. I would like to add items for the recording. If I do, the problem: There is going to be an error loading because the item count does not match. Do you have a solution for this? when you add more data to back up compared to a tiny db that contains less on the previous version of the application?


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ok, sorry,
i made a simple exemple with 5 items
so, how should i do to add 3 more items using tiny db with with 5 items without errors when i want to read it ?




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Maybe use append to list block


should you show it to me on my exemple please ?

this is my test aia file

test.aia (7.5 KB)

Please describe what exactly you wish to do.

there are 5 items in tiny db wich are recorded.
if i build an update of the application with 7 items, the old tiny db with 5 items is going to give an error.
so, how to read the old 5 tiny db in a new wich is 7…without error?

use an if statement…
if length of list > 5 then display item 6 and 7