How to add a phone number in side bar?

I want to add a phone number in sidebar but i dont know how to do it So kodular user please help me?? to solve my problem

please anyone tell me if i recieved my otp in mobile then user register mobile number is shown in sidebar so anyone tell me how to do it?

you can use custom side bar (your own layout as sidebar) and whatever design as you wish…

One of the example (way)

but i want phone number to display in sidebar from the user through login Understand my question than answer

I guess, you are the one not to understand solution, in a custom layout you can design however you like, within that layout if you wish to use picture, contact or whatever details… You can design… . Its simple, once user signs in-fetch user details and show contact in a label within that custom designed layout which you will use as sidebar… . . If you are desperate to learn what you want, , this much of guidance should be enough.
Additionally, would you mind sharing what have you tried yet in order to achieve the desired output?

And please don’t be harsh to someone who responds and tries to help you with your query. Nobody replies to any post because are they are free, in fact they want to help.

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but i am understand from image not from text in image i understand very well and i have not understand what you have tell please tell me by image bruh

please solve my problem

Use This Method To Add Value Or Phone Number To Menu.


Apk: SidebarTest.apk (5.4 MB)

Aia: SidebarTest.aia (2.0 KB)