How to add a responsive horizontal line in a screen?

Hey Koders,
I wanted to know how can I put a responsive horizontal line in a screen. As there is no line component in Kodular, I tried doing it by copying a line and pasting in the text box of label. It worked but as it is not responsive. It will not cover the width of different devices.
Help me out from this problem!
A quick reply would be appreciated!:blush:

Unusual Coder

Maybe add a horizontal arrangement, set width to fill parent , set height in pixels or better in % and set whatever background color you want. If screen sizing is set to responsive I think it will work

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Yeah! It workedโ€ฆ
I put vertical arrangemnt and set width to fill parent and height to 1px and lo, it worked!!

Thanks @dora_paz
Happy Koding

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