How to add event,text to datepicker date

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Components :

UI In Editor :

[ The Horizontal Arrangement Containing the Time picker should not be Visible

UI in Companion

Do you have calendar in this aia?? If not try to read this Dynamic calendar guide…


[Dynamic Calendar V1.0] Calendar app using Dynamic component

can you give me a aia

i haven;t calender aia :frowning_face:

So idea only is yours… remaining thing we need to work for you…

Then read the previous post. It will guide you how to create dynamic calendar and this work(adding event to calendar) can easily added to the calendar

I cannot give you Aia as i worked the thing in my other other project but i can give you ais (screen) which you can uplaod.

Here u go
event.ais (534 Bytes)

Click on project in your project and select this option

Now a days ais also unable to work. It will throw an error after uploading to any project ans sometime it won’t open even.

ok wait i will send give me 2 minutes

event.aia (404.6 KB)

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You are having too much of screens (51 :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:), how do you handle? Try to avoid it… But total blocks is just 751


It may cause the problem after compiling all i hope so

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You must upgrade to windows 10 or 11

Edition	Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version	21H2
Installed on	‎19-‎10-‎2021
OS build	22000.258
Experience	Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.258.0
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ok i’ll read it thank you for helping me…

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how I add this

Can you help me another problem please :frowning_face:

Yes, send your query

It is not saved :frowning_face:

How To Backup & Restore Notepad Items To Mobile Storage

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