How to add event,text to datepicker date

How to add event,text to date_picker date

If possible, gives us more clear.

As per your query, the suggestion is, Use tinydb

Tag= data pocket date
Value = event entered in the text box.

Next time screen initialise, if the tag matches with any date, show that tag value in a label or something else

can you send me the block ss please

I want add event like Schedule app

you can add any kind of rule, i just showing the simple


you can save details in tinydb , event as tag name and date as value. it is upto you…

As per your query i have just shown up blocks… I donot know much deeper with your algorithm. so you can manipulate the above code even more simple.

whats the designer components to add my date picker screen

i just untick visible of the date picker, so that work flow will be good to see. i.e after entering the event in text box then on button click or selecting item from the spinner or from the lists you can design like this to pop up the date picker…


How to add more events one by one another days

while adding call the tinydb tags, if the selected date is matches with given date then add events to the existing list if not create a new tinydb tag (date)

please can you send me blogs please…

Drag and drop the png image into your project then try and let me know


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Sorry i can’t understand it
Drag and drop the png image into your project then try and let me know

Its no work :frowning_face:

can you send me our aia???

PinPotha(1).aia (937.2 KB)

Tell me how to make it this way :no_mouth:

This Uses a Lot of UI Components Such as Card View, Time picker date picker Labels and Dynamic ist Views. its Difficult but not impossible

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do u know how

give me some time i will send you