How to add like or dislike option

I have news app i want to add there like or dislike option please help me how i can do it

Use buttons with Material Icons:


how to add blocks for work it?

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U can use set image block for this purpose
If a person likes
Than change the clour of black icon by clour mean change the black icon with blue one or anyother which u want
And on second click change it again to unliked mean black icon

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store value to server when button clicked
value 1 for disliked
value 2 for liked
value 0 for nor liked not disliked…(default value also)

on screen initialization use get value
now if we get 1 means it got disliked,2 for liked and 0 for nothing…

There are two ways that I recommend:

  1. Use floating buttons. Or,
  2. Keep both likes and dislikes button in a horizontal arrangement either in top or bottom.

please someone can explain me with block sreenshots how i can do it ?