How to add material icon in dynamic button from kodular?

how to add material icon in dynamic button from kodular ?

You can try to:
1- Set the font type face property using set property block
2- use this block:

i’m not using yousuf chan / dynamic any component , i’m using kodular dynamic component, and there no option like that image u sent please help

There is no option of material icons in kodular dynamic components but you can use can use emoji as text on button…its look like material icon…

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u can found emoji on google by type whatsapp emoji

You can try to use it, it have many more possibilities :upside_down_face: one of them is that you would be able to use material icons.

Good idea​:wink:, but some devices doesn’t support all emojis, so they won’t show properly

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that’s slow compare to kodular dynamic component ,
yousuf chan / dynamic any component toke 30 sc to create 1000 button on my device, where koduler dynamic button take 4 sc to create same amount of button i mean 1000 button

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may b…but i think whatsapp emojis looks almost same in every device… i m not talking about keyboard emojis…

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Can you see those 1000 buttons at once

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Diffrnce is to clear…if u use externel extension it’ll take some time to load

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no, but :joy: I can see by scrolling, I mean I have to wait to see 30 sc to watch some button created when I try load 1000 at once, but when I do the same with kodular dynamic button I have to wait only 4 sc to see some button

Why wait, why not adding buttons while you scroll…


good idea tnx

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