How to add shapes is Kodular like Square?

How to add shapes is Kodular like Square?
I need an extension where I can add shapes to my app

Please be more specific. Where do you want to add a square? On a Canvas, you can programmatically draw one or use an image. On many other components as well, you can use images. It’s not clear exactly what you want to do.

noo, if i use image then resolution and image quality varies i need to draw rounded square in cardview is there any extension?

You could use a cardview to simulate a rounded square, using the StrokeWidth property, and Elevation 0.

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where is stroke width?

Advanced properties, I think.

it is stroke color not width and elevation is 0

Stroke Width is the last property of a Card View, not taking into account Advanced properties.

Reading all properties of components is good because sometimes we are not on pc so we just give hint so you need to find it all.
Did you want to dynamically add card view

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nope man…

add another cardview in your card view component after that set it’s radius to 14 to 20

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