Can we set cardview radius seperately?

Can we set cardview radius seperately like upper 2 corners are rounded and bottom two are boxed ? Can we really do this in kodular ?
If yes then please help me :disappointed_relieved:

Try to use decoration to set margin

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i tried to make a Extension for it, :grin:

But as anyone can Guess - i Failed. :sweat_smile:


How @ADDYLIN ? :sweat_smile: It may very much helpful if you made it :sweat_smile:

Arrangement design

Use arrangement design extension :point_up_2:

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Yeah it’s helpful but I need to design cardview can it also works with cardview ?

I don’t know but if not work in card view so use any arrangement and set corner radius

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Thanks for helping me @Unknown_Designer @ADDYLIN @sugarlesscreator I will definately try it :blush:

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