How to make card view circular


I want to make the edges of the card completely round

But a little more in Corner Radius

This causes the problem

Set card view radius to 50.

Height 70
Width 70
Round 35

There are a large number of devices that do not work on this
Note five from Samsung

Have you tried this.

Yes, it did not work

Show your properties of card view.

Set border radius to 50 % not in pexels

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Use decoration utilities.

You can do this, but you don’t have to. the deisgner options are usually enough.

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To make a cardview round, you have to first make it square because remember, only a square can be converted into a circle.
After making it square, set radius to 100(just for fun) and you will get the round card view.
Remember that you have to make it perfect square to convert it into proper circle.

Hope it will help you. :slight_smile:

Try this link, If you want a circular card view.

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