How to add spotlight in slide bar?

i creat a app and i want to add spotlight to slide bar icon…and i dont have a button in my app …how to do ? please help me guys

which block i should use please help me

Welcome. Just be patient if anyone wants to help you.

With the default Title Bar isn’t possible

But with a Custom Title Bar yes

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SpotLight don’t work with non-visible component… I didn’t tried it with builtin title bar

but how he did this ?

Android Studio



Try this one SpotlightSideMenu.apk (4.9 MB) and see how it looks on your device



In the same app you will find intoview extension.
That can do the same.

aia file please

Call it what you want, work around or a trick…

Here you go SpotlightSideMenu.aia (3.5 KB)

Edit: just to mention, values I used to position the spotlight looks good in apk but it gives another look in companion



but how to get lbIDummyforspotlight i can’t find this component ?

lbl stands for Label Style of programming and if you have checked the blocks you would have found something like this

So go to designer and set visible to true to see it


thank you so much

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