How to add "..." to a Sentence?

How am I able to automatically add "..." at the Sentence to fit the actual text on the Screen like this:


This may help you

but if I like set it to 35, some titles are shorter like theres a medium gap on the side

Just use one global rule as if the length of the title is greater than 10/20/30(depends on your wish) then segment the text and join … Else use the same title

Very simple

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Do you mind showing me a Block, I’m Confused

My above suggestion was turned into blocks

Ill test it

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How am I able to Apply it on Listview Image and Text? Can’t do same thing on Add Item on the List in Listview Image and Text

Like this, blocks are draggable

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then i will try like this and will succeed with little bit reduced blocks
Changed the logic..

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Ill try if it works! Thank you!

certainly will work… if you have the details in list of list, use dora blocks, else in firebase if you have datas as a lists then try mine. but logic is unique as i said in earlier post

@Still-learning your blocks will set title to 25 characters if length is greater that 25 else to …


sorry, slightly altered

It’s Working, Sorry for late reply, i forgot to click the “Solution”


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