Display only few text

Hellow friends, i want to limit number of text displayed to be 20, as following:

however i got this kind of error as my text exceeds 20:

Segment: Start (1) + length (20) - 1 exceeds text length (7).

here are my blocks:

i use dynamic component extension to achieve that.

How can i modify my block to have few text displayed, thanks.

Did You check This Lenght ?

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first check the length of the text that is it even exceeding 20 or not
if it is, then only use 20 characters

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i did it like this but nothing is displayed on my list.

how do i set my blocks

In my example I create Label Dynamically (id is in the form of Lb1, Lb2…) and if text has more than 10 characters then it displays only 10

thanks, i did the same:


but no text is displayed

Like this maybe ?

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Thanks, it works.


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