Error text in textbox

Hello my problem is with the error text in the textboxes.

I have a textbox and the error text have to appear when the length of the textbox is more than 10, its normal so far but when the textbox is showing the error and I set the textbox to empty the error text is still showing until I write something again into the textbox.

Is this a bug or how can I stop to showing the error text without writing in the textbox.

you must perform a check of word count under “When Textbox Text changed” event using loops, for more desired result provide screenshot of respective blocks and As of now it is not confirmed as bug so i am changing it to Discuss, it can be here again if the bug get confirmed:+1:

dos one

These are my blocks and I do these steps:
1- I write more than 12 characters
2- The text error appears
3-I press back
4- When I return the text of textbox is empty but the error message is still ON

error will show until you enter any text,

So there is not a solution.

no, you must have to put anything to text to clear error




No the icon of error text is still ON. Now with an empty error message but the icon is still ON… Kodular should to add a component of error text to set this visible and not.

Show me yours block



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@bodymindpower please check if my code works for you


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