How to hide the error message in text boxes?

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I have been reading in other threads about the same problem I have but the proposed solutions do not help me.

Context (simplify the real case) I have a text box where I have to enter an email, which can be typed directly or loaded from the phone’s address book. If I load from the address book and it does not contain an email the error icon is activated. If I choose another contact from the address book that does have email, the email is placed but the error icon does not disappear. It only disappears if I manually type a text in the text box.

Is there a way to hide/disable the error message from the blocks?

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Maybe this:

Hi Rogerio, yes, I have read that case, I tried it and it does not solve the problem.

With this code, the error icon does not disappear:

Captura de pantalla de 2022-01-09 17-44-36

Well , maybe it 's a little problem to be solved by Kodular ( :thinking: )

At the moment, I have been away from home and away from the notebook for days. :grinning:
So, I suggest: create your own error event. Put the textbox inside an HA along with an image + icon. Show the image if there is an error.:+1:

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Thank Rogerio, I will do it some other way