Text Box Number 1 to 5

Its working as I wanted but when the texbox clears out it shows an error

You can’t use a Math Block on Strings. Do you want a string with the lenght of 5 or only the number 1-5?

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number 1-5

You can use a RegEx Extension for that.

Set 1-5 in the Extension to filter anything else.

Maths “hates” empty strings, do something like this

blocks - 2022-05-24T181133.747

am i supposed to put this after the other code?

Try this … blocks are draggable

blocks - 2022-05-24T185321.273

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Or you can use this method too. If number is =0 or greater than 5 text will be cleared (will not accept it seems like to user)

And in designer part, set the input method to number. So user keypad will be number

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Just add an condition on TextChanged block that text box is not empty then if text box is not empty then user left process.